Christmas Traditions – Week 8

On Christmas Eve my whole family (on my dads side) meets at a church in Havana. We have a big dinner, including all different sides, chicken, noodles, potatoes, cookies, and many more foods. Before Christmas Eve we do a drawing and pick names of who we buy presents for. After we eat we exchange gifts and open them. Then all the kids play with their new toys and the adults visit. When we leave and go home, we set out cookies, milk, and a carrot for the reindeer.

Emoji Story- Week 4 Task

One Saturday night Jenna, Micheal, and Kenzie went out bowling around 9:30. They didn’t leave the bowling ally until 11:00. When they left they got a taxi and went out to eat. By the time they got their food it was 12:00. When they got back in the taxi there was a different taxi driver then the last time. The girls didn’t think much of it, so they got in the taxi. When Jenna noticed something a little odd it was to late to get off the taxi. The odd thing was that the driver wasn’t in uniform, and there was a suspicious black, body sized bag, lying in the passenger side of the taxi.Jenna didn’t tell the other girls what she had saw, so when she got dropped off first the other girls had no clue what was gong on when the strange driver didn’t take them home. he took them to a old lake house, and no one ever saw them again.

My commenting experience

For this weeks task, my teacher has assigned us to write about our commenting experiences. Our teacher taught us how to write “quality comments”. I commented on two great blogs, but I didn’t get any responses. Here are the blogs:

Mia’s blog

Maddie’s blog

In my comment I greeted the writer, then I introduced myself. Next I gave them a compliment on something I liked in their post.  Then I found a connection we had, and I asked a couple of questions, but I haven’t got any feedback yet. I included a closing and my url, so they could comment on my post.

My Avatar

I created my avatar using

I chose the features for my avatar because I have straight, light brown hair, and green eyes. Although in real life I have braces, but the website I used didn’t have that feature available. I chose my outfit because it looked like something I would wear.

This is my avatar!

Boredom is Striking


I stare at the ceiling

as I wait for the time

to pass

the rain pours


What a gloomy day

I watch out the window

as the raindrops fall

to the ground

the boredom rises


I can only dream

the clock would tick

faster than its current

sluggish pace


What to do? I question

myself as I sit and stare

The rain pours, boredom is striking

just like the lightning

striking outside


I think as if tomorrow

will be full of excitement

full of fun

and free of boredom